Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So, its been an age!

I've been quiet this last year and a bit, erhm, a half, with good reason! I've been kept very busy with my 2 year old little ray of sunshine and that leaves little time to be divided up on other things, but hey, chest la vie!

So in addition to relaunching my cards with a more eco friendly stock, more on that later, I've also been working part-time this past year in a supported studio with people with mixed abilities. A number of months ago I decided to organise an exhibition for one of the lady's in the studio, Siobhán Kelly and a number of her peers from the BEYOND: Irish Outsider Art exhibition curated by Brent Pope and co-ordinated by Christine Thornton.

The exhibition is called 'LOST & FOUND' and will run from September 1st - 11th in Film Base, in Temple Bar in Dublin 2.

A fundraiser has been set up to cover necessary costs of the exhibition FUND:IT LOST & FOUND

Please do make a donation and help to bring this group of talented people together 
for another show.