Tuesday, August 23, 2011


An inspirational project in Berlin...

Since June 2010, the Direktorenhaus is the new, central venue for Berlin’s design and art scene, where a simulation of a temporary Gesamtdesignwerk, the total artwork, can be explored. In the Direktorenhaus traditional art and craft methods are coupled with analogue technology and digital media, however they will not just be limited to their aesthetic values. Instead this is an experimental directive with social resonances. The Exhibitions at the Direktorenhaus play cat and mouse with preconceptions and break down the boundaries between art and design.


1. 9. 11.- 31. 3. 12.

Pascale Mira Tschäni & Michael Husmann Tschäni are based in Switzerland and both studied at the College of Art in Lucerne. They received further education at the National Institute of Design, India and a residency in Berlin. Since 2003 they have developed a unique collaborative style encompassing the world of painting, comics, illustration and installation and, recently, also performances from Mumbai to Melbourne. In fact they work backwards, painting in layers on the reverse of acrylic glass, using different materials, such as enamel, oil colour, watercolour, crayon, glitter and spray.